“Once Upon a Time”

Five Tips for Engaging Children in Social Stories

Social stories are often written in a book format using visuals (photographs, picture symbols, drawings) and one concept per page, to help aid understanding. To engage children in reading the following may be introduced:

  1. The child may hand‐illustrate pages of the story with pictures representing various sentences of the story. (Children who draw a picture first, write more and use a greater variety in their vocabulary.)
  2. The story can be read and then recorded on audio tape with a tone or verbal cue for the child to turn the page.
  3. The story can be written into a Power Point file (as one would create a Power Point presentation from Microsoft Office); then the child can read his story by viewing the presentation on a computer. An I‐Movie can also be created to make the I‐Story more interesting to the child.
  4. A video could be made of the child and peers acting out scenes from the story, with the written story presented along with the video when it is shown to the child.
  5. The story can be reviewed using role play where the child and others act out scenes from the story themselves or with small figures using rooms, set as scenes, made from shoeboxes, etc.

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