Troubleshooting Homework Problems: Ideas for Parents

Brief Introduction: Homework completion is an ongoing issue for many students and their families. In fact, homework is often identified by parents as the single biggest issue affecting their home life with their child. For children who learn differently, this homework issue can be greatly magnified. In order to get back on track and make homework time more manageable, it is important to investigate the exact reasons why homework is so problematic for your child. Armed with this knowledge, then you, your child and school professionals can work together to design an improvement plan tailored to your child’s own homework “roadblocks”.
The following article attempts to troubleshoot some of the most commonly-encountered homework roadblocks. It is hoped that using this information to brainstorm solutions to your child’s issues with homework time will improve both school success and your family harmony. If more help is needed, additional information, resources and reproducible materials for encouraging homework completion can be accessed be contacting NJCIE.

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