Night of Holiday Magic

Thank you to everyone who attended our event on December 4th! It was a very special night for all of us as we were able to honor Kate Stanton-Paule for her years of service as a teacher in the Montclair Public School System. For twenty years, Kate has been an advocate for her students and worked to ensure that they are included in their school and community.

It was a spectacular event, and we are all very pleased that we were able to spend the evening celebrating the work NJCIE and the work fabulous teachers like Kate provide every day.

Happy Holidays!


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One comment on “Night of Holiday Magic
  1. Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful evening on Friday! It was an incredible honor for me to be recognized by the talented, passionate and dedicated people that work for and support NJCIE! I was so touched by the beautiful video; I can’t believe that I was able to speak afterwards! The young adults and families captured in the piece were and are my mentors and continually teach me that learning has no limits and that communities are ALWAYS better when we welcome everyone. Two of the young people in the video were students at Montclair High School 20 years ago (Betsy and Alan) and their mothers (Joan and Cheryl) were our pioneers in Montclair for inclusive education. They started teaching us about inclusive education when their children were kindergarteners!! Their road was not easy, but they remained dedicated, persisted against all odds, and challenged all us to not just follow the law, but to embrace it. These families and students, and so many since, have helped Montclair to be a better school district and community. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work in this community! AGAIN, I can’t thank you all enough for the great honor, the amazing evening (Patty Haines and event committee – Wow!), Fred and all the NJCIE staff! You guys are AWESOME! Kate

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