Inclusive School Districts

Inclusive School Districts in New Jersey

We often get asked which districts are inclusive in New Jersey, and it is a difficult question to answer. With over 600 school districts, we could not possibly get to every district in the state, so we need to rely on data. Data collected by the DOE is the only method that we have to compile lists of inclusive schools on a somewhat unbiased basis. I say “somewhat” because the information can be misleading.

Data collected for each district have four categories: included 80% of the time or more, 40-80% of the time, less than 40%, and out of district. Inclusion or inclusive education would typically mean being included in general education for all core classes. Even the highest category – 80% or more – does not guarantee that the students are in general education classes for their core subjects. It is the best data that we have available.

To find out if a district is inclusive, we highly encourage you to speak with the Director of Special Education in a school district to better understand their belief about inclusion and how inclusion is practiced in their district. Do not make life changes based on this list!!!! Investigate further

The information in this chart comes from NJ OSEP Special Education Data, 2013 student placement data: